Chefville on Facebook: The Newest Cooking Game

I have to admit, I just love online games. Be it games in Facebook or MMORPGs, I’m always tempted to try them out. Of course, I often end up trying a few and only continuing on with one or two of them.


The newest online cooking game in Facebook that’s caught my attention is Chefville. This game is one of the latest offerings from Zynga and tries to make the cooking game experience more interesting.

So, am I have fun with the game? Well, I have to say it has all the components of being an addicting game. First, there are the quests that you have to finish. Second, there are the dishes that you have to master. Every time you cook a dish you get that much closer to mastering it. Third, there are the grayed out areas where you can potentially expand and get more access to ingredients and in turn dishes.

But, am I having fun? Not so much, but my I am interested in hopefully the improvements that Zynga would add. For one, a full refill during level ups would be appreciated. And a clearer quest line that explains the next ‘stage’ in the game would be a help.

However, there is one upside to this game that I do love. There are certain dishes in the game that Zynga sends as an actual recipe to your email. All you have to do is max out the mastery for a dish and you get the recipe. So far, I’ve received two recipes and I have to say am looking forward to receiving more.

For those who love to cook, the recipes are a definite plus. But, even for those who can’t boil water the game is still something worth checking out.

With all that said, am now going to go back and see if my ‘energy’ in the game has recovered. 😉


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